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We care about the safety of your investment. Intellistocks will onboard you with Interactive Brokers, the world’s leading online broker, to keep your money safe. You own and control your account. You alone have access to your money.

Protected Financially

The safety of your money is very important to us.Every qualified Intellistocks US stock account up to $500,000 is protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, regardless of citizenship.
Your Total Control

Intellistocks’ function is limited to managing your investments and optimizing your portfolio in order to maximize the returns on your money. We do not have access to your login information or your funds. Only you can get or move money from your account.

Technologically Protected

Our account protection mechanisms assure the security of your account. Investment account login environments use 2048-bit EVCs and TLS 128-bit or higher encryption to maintain the confidentiality of data.

Financial Strength

Financial Strength Intellistocks is secure and trustworthy, as it onboard you with Interactive Brokers, the world leader in online brokerage with consolidated customer assets of USD 156.6 billion.

You Own the Stocks

You will always own fully paid stocks. All Intellistocks accounts at Interactive Brokers are regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which assures that US brokers separate and retain customer securities in a secure location.

Withdraw Anytime, Anywhere

You have complete control over your money. To provide a seamless investment experience, Intellistocks enables you to withdraw available funds swiftly and conveniently in most countries. Bottom line: it’s your money; do that as you like.

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Your investment account is held in your name and only you have the password for it. Any inward/outward financial transaction will happen only in/from your bank account. At no point in time, Intellistocks will ask you for your account password. You have complete capital control over the account and free to monitor its status. We will only be getting on-demand MIS and account statements. Hence your money remains always safe regardless of whether Intellistocks exist or no.
We work with Interactive Brokers (IB) to offer you global coverage, and ensure that your portfolio follows wherever you go. Your account is in your name and is held with Interactive Broker which is our broker and custodian. You can operate your portfolio and withdraw money almost anywhere in the world.
Our clients are from different geographies and mix of both business people and those who work for leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Nestle, Reliance, Nokia, ONGC, Facebook, Salesforce, and many more…
We apply a much-disciplined investment process to build a well-diversified portfolio that will help you achieve your financial goals faster and safer with minimal risk involvement. We always primarily focus on risk management and risk vs reward. We first assess risk in each position we take on various parameters which are very detailed & meticulous but not limited to current technical scenarios, past performance, present & our assessment of macro and micro situation of the market, the sector, and the company.

The world is always moving forward and stock markets aren’t an exception. From the time stock markets were incepted worldwide the long-term trend has always been upward (of course there has been short to mid-term volatility). All you need is to take a highly disciplined portfolio-based approach (individual stocks may still lose money in the long term), good stock selection, well-studied entry and exit points, proper rebalancing, and a knowledgeable research team.

According to various studies and our experience we have compiled a possible scenario of anyone losing money despite having all the investing qualities described above:

If your Investing Time Horizon is less than 1 year then there is a possibility of 20-30% loss and in case of fewer than 3 years it reduces to 5-15% and in case of 5 years or more it becomes Almost 0

We transform your investment experience and returns.

I am so happy, I need not go through the ordeal of tracking stock prices, company news on day to day basis, this has allowed me to spend more time with my family and on top of that from last 6 years I am able to nett 19-20% average returns.
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